Nov 03

Common Myth about Legal Separation in South Carolina

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In some states, you can go to court and be given a legal separation, but there is no such thing as legal separation in South Carolina.  In this state, you are either “married” or “divorced,” but there is no marital status that is in between. The

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Nov 01

The Basics of South Carolina Child Support

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In any case involving children, child support is something that must be determined.  Most people do not dispute that every parent has an obligation to provide financial support for his or her children, but the question becomes: how much? Luckily, the basics

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Oct 27

Primary Caretaker in South Carolina Custody Cases

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One of the factors that most affects South Carolina custody cases is which parent has been the primary caretaker for the children. South Carolina Family Courts have long asked which parent has been the primary caretaker when determining custody of a child,

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Sep 12

3 Details You Want in a Custody Agreement in South Carolina

charleston family law attorney

No two family situations are exactly alike, but there are certain details that should be included in every custody agreement in South Carolina or any state. 1.    Which parent can make decisions about the child? In South Carolina Family Court, there are

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Sep 12

Child Visitation Schedules: How to Split Time

charleston child support lawyer

When a couple decides to divorce, one of the most daunting problems is establishing a child visitation schedule.  Not so long ago, a non-custodial parent would be given “standard visitation,” which was often every other weekend and a few weeks over

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