Feb 03

Presentation for Charleston School of Law’s Career Series: “Careers in Family Law”

Today, Megan Dell presented to a group of law students from the Charleston School of Law. The presentation, entitled "Careers in Family Law," was sponsored by the Career Services office at CSOL and addressed how COVID-19 has impacted the practice of law in

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Jan 27

“Your Honor” and Other Courtroom Etiquette

When you show up for your hearing you may hear phrases like “Your Honor,” “May it please the court,” “May I approach,” among others from your attorney. Have you ever wondered why your attorney says these weird and formal phrases during your

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Nov 17

Presentation Materials: “Handling Ethical Issues in Family Law Practice”

Today, Megan Dell presented to a group of South Carolina Family Court paralegals as part of a seminar sponsored by Half Moon Education Inc. The presentation, entitled "Handling Ethical Issues in Family Law Practice," addressed identifying and avoiding

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