Mar 2024

Parenting and Pot: How CBD, THC, and Delta-8 Influence Child Custody Cases

Allegations of illicit drug use alone including marijuana, Delta-8 and THC metabolites, have been common in South Carolina Family Court for some time. With the development of hemp-derived cannabidiol (also referred to as "CBD"), it has become harder to detect

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Jan 2024

Essential and Effective Custody Terms When You’re the Custodial Parent

As a custodial parent, it's important to understand the custody terms that will be included in your child custody agreement. These terms will outline the rights and responsibilities of both you and the non-custodial parent, and will ultimately determine the

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Dec 2023

Beware of False Allegations in Divorce: How to Overcome Them with Solid Evidence

Striking a balance. Getting accused of making false allegations will not help your divorce case!

False allegations in divorce are all too common. Regardless of the nature of the accusation, people who have been falsely accused all share one common question: How can you effectively defend false accusations during a divorce? Though it can seem like an

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Jul 2023

How to Build a Strong Case Showing Your Child’s Best Interests

Two sad children in a room with two paretns who forgot to keep their child's best interest in mind.

In custody cases, the paramount consideration is always the child's best interests. Read on to understand how the South Carolina Family Court determines the children's best interests when making decisions in custody cases. Origin of the Best Interests

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Jun 2023

No More Pain: How to File for Divorce on the Basis of Physical Cruelty

Woman ready to file for a divorce based on physical cruelty

Divorce proceedings are always hard, but when physical cruelty is involved, every issue becomes more complicated. Understanding the impact of domestic abuse on your case and how to prove what is considered physical cruelty for divorce, is crucial to ensure

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