Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Family Divorce Lawyer at Dell Family Law, P.C.

What does a lawyer do that I can’t do?

Lawyers have been trained to research, think, and write in a specific way that is widely accepted in the legal profession. Further, a lawyer’s only job is to represent your interests. While you can put forth a great deal of effort to represent yourself, it would likely take you more time and cause you a lot of frustration. Divorce and other family court issues take a toll on people, and you don’t need the additional worry of whether you are doing things correctly. Hiring a lawyer can help ease this stress.

How much does it cost to get divorced? How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

The fee to file most actions, including divorce, in South Carolina Family Court is $150. A lawyer’s fee is based on guidelines provided by South Carolina law, including the difficulty and complexity of the issues in your case. Most family court clients are charged hourly for the lawyer’s services; therefore, if your case is complex, a lawyer will likely have to spend more time on it, which will raise the cost for you.

After hearing the details of your case during a consultation, a lawyer can tell you his or her hourly rate, as well as provide a general idea of how much your case is likely to cost. However, actions of third parties, including your spouse, his/her attorney, and the judge, also affect the amount of time a lawyer spends on a case. Therefore, while the lawyer can give you an estimate during the consult, he or she can’t tell you exactly what his or her services will cost.

My spouse and I both want to get divorced and agree on everything. Can the same lawyer represent both of us?

No. In South Carolina, lawyers are prohibited from representing both parties in a divorce, even if all terms of the divorce are agreed upon. If you and your spouse fit into this category, please contact our office about scheduling a consultation, during which we can discuss other alternatives.

How long does it take to get divorced?

It depends on the grounds for divorce. In South Carolina, divorces on most fault grounds cannot be granted until at least three months after the filing of the action.