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South Carolina Family LawyerSelecting a South Carolina Family Lawyer is an important decision, and you should feel confident in who you choose. A good lawyer will have extensive experience and be empathetic to your situation. They will communicate clearly so you are fully informed throughout your case.

The attorneys of Dell Family Law have perspective as guardians ad litem, Family Court litigators, and appellate advocates. We strive to handle cases with a minimum of conflict and expense but are always prepared to go to trial — and even file an appeal — if warranted.

During a consultation, the attorney will answer your questions about the Family Court process and outline the steps we will take to pursue your goals, taking into account your priorities and budget.

Consultations can be scheduled within two weeks, and the appointment usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes. The price for a consultation is $275, which must be paid when scheduling the appointment. We charge a consultation fee because the appointment is a strategy session, not just a chance to get to know you.

At the end of your consultation, you will understand both the good and bad parts of your case and the ways your case can be resolved in Family Court. You will have information about evidence to collect and where you should focus your energies. Perhaps most importantly, you will know whether Dell Family Law is a good fit to represent you.

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