We Can Help You Understand — and Minimize — The Complexities of Filing for Divorce in South Carolina.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer high quality representation with specific attention to your unique family situation. Dell Family Law has experience in divorce related issues, as well as the specific procedures for South Carolina Family Court. If you have questions about the divorce or child custody process, or what your options may be, we can give you the information you need to confidently move forward.

Simplify the Process

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” – E.F. Schumacher

Many clients say they want a “bulldog” to represent them without understanding the stress, inefficiency, and cost associated with that kind of representation. Our philosophy allows us to use only as much pressure as necessary to accomplish your goals.

Getting a divorce can be complicated and confusing. At Dell Family Law, we try to simplify the process so our client’s goals are accomplished with less stress and expense.

Our Priority: Our Client’s Goals

A divorce must address extremely personal issues of finance, support, and time spent with children. Balancing these consideration looks different for each client so we start every case by asking our client to prioritize their goals in order of importance. Because of our belief that you are the best decision-maker about your life, we will pursue your goals as you prioritize them.

Working through these issues can be emotionally draining, but with Dell Family Law representing you, you can be assured that you have an ally who knows the law and can help you strategize to accomplish the goals that are right for you, not for someone else.

Our Belief: We Can Work Toward Settlement by Preparing for Trial

In Family Court, spouses are encouraged to engage in discussion and usually mediation to resolve disagreements. Dell Family Law is familiar with the alternative dispute resolution options available, and we will be at your side throughout the process.

Although these negotiations are designed to reach an agreement, Dell Family Law always advocates for their client’s interests and will not recommend any resolution without first advising you of the consequences.

In the event that we cannot reach a resolution, we will be prepared for trial, and will present your side of the case with detailed legal arguments supported by facts. Our knowledge and experience in Family Court gives us the ability to focus on the specific elements the Court will use when making a decision in your case, but our philosophy and methods for handling your case allows us to avoid going to trial unless absolutely necessary.

Dell Family Law: Personal Attention and Legal Knowledge

Filing for divorce in South Carolina is not just a process of submitting documents and forms. Divorce can be a turning point for both spouses and their children, and if handled with a combination of compassion and legal skill, the transition can be made smoothly. Please contact us for a consultation to learn more about how our firm can help with your divorce.