Talk to Our Lawyers About Divorce Mediation in SC.

Divorce mediation in SC is an option, even for couples with serious marital problems. Even if there is no chance of reconciling the marriage, it still may be possible to reach an agreement on the aspects of divorce that many couples find difficult. In fact, all contested cases must first be mediated in accordance with Rule 3(a), SCADR.

South Carolina Family Courts now require divorcing couples to attend mediation before scheduling a contested trial, and many people are able to reach a settlement through this process.

divorce mediation in sc

Areas Covered in Mediation

In mediation, an objective third party will facilitate a discussion between the spouses on the central elements of their divorce. Often, this non-adversarial setting can be an advantage and lay the groundwork for future communication between the spouses. It is not required to reach an agreement in the mediation, but some areas may be resolved without conflict. Mediation can cover:

  • Division of Marital Property
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Support
  • Alimony Payments
  • Handling of Marital Debts

The mediator will usually speak to each spouse separately. The mediator does not have the authority to independently decide any issues, but agreements reached and signed by the spouses and their attorneys can be binding. For this reason, no agreement should be signed in mediation without the review and advice of a lawyer familiar with divorce mediation in SC.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in SC

If a divorcing couple can reach an agreement in mediation there are various benefits. By choosing to work together to resolve their divorce, the spouses may be able to reduce the conflict between them. Children also often benefit when there is not a contentious court trial and lingering ill feelings. Mediation is generally much less expensive than pursuing a trial, saving both parties time and money.

Mediation does not work in every divorce, but it is an option worth exploring. Dell Family Law has experience in guiding our clients through divorce and mediation, and can help you negotiate the issues involved. If you think you can reach an agreement with your spouse, we can provide a family divorce lawyer to ensure that all areas of the divorce are fair and balanced. Please contact our family divorce lawyer to discuss the possibility of mediation in a divorce and how it may be beneficial to you.