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In South Carolina, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem if it cannot be fully informed about the circumstances affecting the child’s well being, especially those related to custody and visitation, without one. This occurs most often when parents cannot agree on a parenting schedule for their children, but also happens when other family members seek custody of a child. The guardian ad litem’s specific duties will be determined by the facts of the case, and type of proceeding involved.

The Role of the Guardian ad Litem

south carolina guardian ad litemThe primary role of a guardian ad litem is to investigate the child and parents’ circumstances and report the information to the Court. The Court often relies on the guardian ad litem to gather evidence that it might not otherwise have.

The guardian ad litem will also advocate for the best interests of the child, which may include:

  • Recommending specific actions to be taken to benefit the child.
  • Making legal motions regarding custody and visitation rights of each parent.
  • Moving to restrain the activities of parents that might be dangerous to the child.
  • Seeking enforcement of court orders.

While any qualified layperson can act as a guardian ad litem in cases involving the Department of Social Services, only a licensed attorney with experience in family law can serve as a guardian ad litem in private custody and visitation cases.

At all times, the guardian ad litem is expected to ensure that the welfare of the child is protected. Children involved in Family Court disputes deserve the best advocate available.

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