Dec 26

11 Songs About Divorce

Written by: Megan Dell


Many people can identify with the emotions related to divorce, and divorce happens frequently enough that movies, television, and music reference it all the time.

Songs About Divorce You Need to Listen to!

songs about divorce

Here are 11 songs about divorce, equitable distribution, alimony, and child custody:

  1. “Family Portrait” by P!nk
    In this song, P!nk sings from the perspective of a child whose parents fight all the time, detailing her fear about the possibility of them divorcing.
  2. “Ms. Jackson” by OutKast
    With references to divorce lawyers and a child custody “war,” OutKast describes how family members can complicate romantic relationships.
  3. “Papers” by Usher
    Many people who have resolved themselves that their marriage is ending can identify with the emotions Usher describes.
  4. “Divorce Separation Blues” by The Avett Brothers
    In this song, The Avett Brothers perfectly contrast the internal emotional response to divorce with the responsibility of life going on.
  5. “Give It Away” by George Strait
    Sometimes, as in this song, everyone is more ready to move on with their lives than they are willing to fight over their stuff.
  6. “Alimony” by Weird Al Yankovic
    Weird Al expresses frustration about having to comply with his alimony obligation in this parody.
  7. “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” by Tammy Wynette
    In this classic divorce song, Tammy Wynette sadly details how divorce is changing the lives of everyone in the family.
  8. “I Cried All the Way to the Bank” by Norma Jean
    Practicality wins over heartbreak in this 1965 song.
  9. “Got My Name Changed Back” by Pistol Annies
    In this recently released single, Miranda Lambert celebrates being free of her cheating ex-husband.
  10. “Highway 20 Ride” by Zac Brown Band
    Zac Brown’s sorrowful lyrics about not having sole custody of his son are relatable for every parent going through a divorce.
  11. “He Didn’t Have to Be” by Brad Paisley
    Being a stepparent is hard, and Brad Paisley recognizes and appreciates that in this song.

Or, if you prefer, here is the direct link to the Spotify list ‘11 songs about divorce‘.

How We Picked These Songs About Divorce

When selecting these poignant songs about divorce, we took into consideration various factors, including the emotional resonance, relatability, and thematic relevance. Our aim was to curate a diverse collection that reflects the multifaceted aspects of divorce, from classic country music to soul-stirring ballads that embody the sadness and emotional weight associated with divorce.

We carefully included songs about divorce that touch upon the experiences of divorced parents, capturing the heartache and complexities they face in the divorce court better than mere words can express. Whether it’s the coparenting struggles or the separation blues, these songs offer a glimpse into both her own life and the broader world of divorce.

Furthermore, we wanted to showcase the breadth of musical genres, recognizing that divorce impacts individuals across all musical landscapes, from the guitar-driven melodies of the debut album to the introspective narratives found in hip hop. This collection spans across country music and beyond, reflecting the universality of divorce and its influence in the music industry.

These songs serve as a testament to the power of music to heal, console, and empower, resonating not only with those directly affected by divorce but also with listeners on country radio and beyond. By encompassing various themes and perspectives, including the heartfelt ballad about divorced parents and songs that offer solace for divorced parents themselves, we aimed to create a comprehensive collection that speaks to the diverse experiences within the realm of divorce.

How A Lawyer Can Help

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