Jan 2024

3 Ways Staying Calm Can Make the Cost of Divorce More Affordable

calculator used to calculate the cost of divorce

Starting a divorce can be challenging, especially if you're afraid of it. Thoughts about the impending cost of divorce can easily stop you in your tracks. However, filing for divorce may be the best choice for your family. Letting fear and anxiety drive your

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Dec 2023

Is Uncontested Divorce the Key to Making A Fresh Start or a Future Nightmare? Find Out Now

spouses returning their wedding rings after signing divorce papers

Many people view an uncontested divorce as the first step on the path toward a fresh start after a marriage has run its course. They imagine an uncontested divorce like a smooth road trip with a friend. An uncontested divorce can seem easy at first, but there

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Nov 2023

From Scary to Secure: Navigating Your Divorce with the Right Legal Help

female lawyer eated at her desk

How To Navigate Your Divorce with the Right Legal Help Divorce is often likened to an emotional storm, where feelings of fear, uncertainty, and vulnerability converge. The path from the decision to divorce through to the final decree is fraught with

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Jul 2023

Successful Coparenting: Secrets to Make Communication Between Divorced Parents More Effective

Two divorced parents loving their child

Most divorced or separated parents hope to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with their former spouse. When deciding custody cases, the South Carolina Family Court looks to the children's best interests to establish a parenting plan.  Analysis of

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Jul 2023

How to Get the Best Divorce Advice and Come Out on Top

When going through divorce, friends are important!

If you are ready for change and if you've made up your mind to start divorce proceedings, this article is for you. 'How to Get the Best Divorce Advice and Come Out on Top' is written for those who are contemplating divorce. While we are sorry you are at the

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