Apr 2024

Why Divorce Preparations are Crucial for Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind

Parent with young child during a scheduled visitation.

If you are at the very beginning of the road to divorce, contemplating separating and then divorcing your spouse, you are at the beginning of an emotional and financial rollercoaster. That is why divorce preparations are crucial to a successful divorce. The

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Mar 2024

Win-Win Solutions: How to Prepare for Family Court Mediation

what is family court mediation

Navigating the complexities of Family Court can be daunting, but understanding how to prepare for family court mediation can greatly alleviate stress. Mediation in Family Court provides an opportunity for settlement discussions facilitated by a neutral

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Jan 2024

Essential and Effective Custody Terms When You’re the Custodial Parent

As a custodial parent, it's important to understand the custody terms that will be included in your child custody agreement. These terms will outline the rights and responsibilities of both you and the non-custodial parent, and will ultimately determine the

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Jun 2023

Celebrating Megan Dell’s Selection by SuperLawyers As a 2023 Rising Star!

SuperLawyers Rising Star Megan Dell, Charleston SC

We are pleased to announce that the Managing Partner at Dell Family Law PC, Megan Dell, has been selected as a SuperLawyers Rising Star for the year 2023. This recognition is a testament to Megan's dedication, legal knowledge, and commitment to providing

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Jun 2023

Summer Visitation: How to Make it Fun and Stress-Free for Everyone

father and son in the pool. Father has summer visitation rights after divorce.

"What is the divorce law for summer visitation?" is a common question asked during consultations. If you have limited experience with visitation schedules, then you may have no idea how custody arrangements for summer are made. Like everything else in

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