Aug 2023

How to Dress for Court to Look Honest and Feel Fearless!

how men should dress for court

Ready for a Court Hearing? Think again! If you are summoned to appear in court for your court date, you most likely have spoken with legal counsel and know what to expect for your upcoming court appearance in front of a judge. But do you? Do you know the

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Mar 2023

How to Really Prepare to Testify in Court and Be Fearless During Every Cross Examination

testify in court

Having to testify in court intimidates everyone! But these tips can help you feel confident about your testimony, even on cross-examination. The Purpose of Witness Testimony In a Family Court case, witness testimony is offered to provide evidence about the

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Sep 2022

3 Powerful Kinds of Expert to Persuade the Family Court Judge You’re Right

court expert

Family Court cases provide the opportunity for a judge to decide how much time you are able to spend with your children, where you can live, and how much support you should receive or be able to pay. Sometimes, offering the opinion of an expert, which is

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Jan 2021

“Your Honor” and Other Courtroom Etiquette

Your honor is a term used by attorneys in court when speaking to a judge. The phrase your honor meaning is a sign of respect. It is one of several common lawyer phrases in court. The 'your honor' definition per Oxford Dictionary is "high respect;

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Aug 2020

CLE Materials: “Preparing for Trial and Possible Appeal”

Today, Megan Dell presented to a group of local Family Court attorneys interested in learning about preparing for trial at a Continuing Legal Education seminar sponsored by the Charleston County Bar Association. The presentation, “Preparing for Trial and

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