May 2023

The 12 Best Questions to Have At-The-Ready for Your First Divorce Consultation

person going through a divorce at a divorce consultation meeting

The Importance of a Divorce Consultation If you do not receive proper guidance during the divorce process, you may face an undesirable outcome. A divorce consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer who can guide you through the proceedings, will protect

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Dec 2022

5 Reasons Divorce Lawyers Terrify You and Helpful Ways to Find A Good One

Finding divorce lawyers

Getting divorced is already scary. Then, choosing the right divorce lawyer and hiring the right divorce lawyer feels terrifying and overwhelming.  Finding the right divorce lawyer, and hiring a divorce lawyer requires entrusting them to have the

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Nov 2022

Headed for a Divorce? Legal Terms to Know Before Talking With a Lawyer

divorce legal terms

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Except for those who are on the verge of a breakup and might be headed towards a divorce. For those with turmoil in their marriage, holidays can quickly become the most stressful time of the year! When

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Dec 2021

Why Do Charleston Divorce Lawyers Charge a Consultation Fee?

Why do Charleston divorce lawyers charge a consultation fee?

Most Charleston divorce lawyers charge a consultation fee, and the attorneys of Dell Family Law do too. But you are probably wondering why so many Charleston divorce lawyers are willing to forego meeting with potential clients who would prefer to first meet

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