May 19

The 12 Best Questions to Have At-The-Ready for Your First Divorce Consultation

Written by: Megan Dell


The Importance of a Divorce Consultation

If you do not receive proper guidance during the divorce process, you may face an undesirable outcome. A divorce consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer who can guide you through the proceedings, will protect your rights, and has your best interest in mind is an important step to a successful outcome. 

If you are a goal-oriented individual considering a divorce in South Carolina, this article will address everything you need to ask during the first divorce consultation. 

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List of Questions for Your First Divorce Consultation

Together, let’s walk through the questions to ask a divorce lawyer. This ensures you are able to make an informed decision about whom to hire to help you navigate the divorce process easily while being cost-conscious.

Feel free to change the order of any of these questions as you ask them.

1. What is your experience in handling divorce cases in South Carolina? 

Begin by understanding the lawyer’s experience and expertise in handling divorce cases. Inquire about their track record, success rate, and familiarity with local family law courts. Consulting with a lawyer with experience, not just expertise in the state’s legal system, is important to your own case.

2. What is the likely timeline for my divorce proceedings after this initial divorce consultation

Knowing the expected timeline of your divorce is important for planning and managing expectations. By considering your specific circumstances, ask the lawyer about the typical duration of divorce cases they have handled. Understanding the timeline can help you prepare emotionally and financially for the road ahead.

3. What are the grounds for divorce in South Carolina? 

South Carolina has several grounds for divorce including adultery, desertion, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness, and one year of continuous separation. Ask which one of these grounds may be applicable to your potential divorce case.

4. How will property division be handled in my divorce? 

Discuss how assets, debts, and property acquired during the marriage will be divided. South Carolina follows equitable distribution, meaning the marital property will be fairly, but not necessarily equally, divided. 

Gain clarity on the factors that may impact the sharing of assets, such as the duration of the marriage with no children involved, marriage contributions from both parties and the economic circumstances of each spouse.

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5. What are my rights and obligations concerning alimony (spousal support)? 

Inquire about the possibility of receiving or paying alimony during and after the divorce. Understand the factors considered when determining alimony, such as each spouse’s financial needs and earning capacities. Discuss different types of alimony, if applicable, and their potential impact on your situation.

 6. What are the possible expenses I might incur during the divorce process, starting with this divorce consultation? 

As a cost-conscious individual, you should be aware of the possible expenses that may arise during your divorce process. Inquire about the fee structure and other fees, like court or expert witness fees. Ask about strategies to cut costs without compromising quality representation.

If you’d like to gather this information on your own, check out our Divorce Cost Estimator.

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7. Are there any additional legal actions that would be appropriate in my case? 

Discuss alternative dispute resolution strategies, such as collaborative divorce or mediation, to save time, money, and emotional stress. Inquire about expertise with these approaches and if these will prove beneficial in your case. 

8. How should I protect my digital assets and maintain my privacy during the divorce? 

It is critical to address concerns about digital assets and privacy. Inquire about measures to safeguard your personal information and social media presence during the divorce.

9. How can I ensure a smooth and efficient divorce procedure? 

Ask about any steps you can take right now, to ensure a smooth divorce process. Ask about arranging and preparing required documentation, such as property titles, financial records, and other relevant information. Understanding what steps you can take to simplify the process will help you minimize stress and save time.

If you’d like to get started right away, start with the Divorce Planning Checklist

10. How will our communication and updates be handled during the divorce process? 

Having clear and adequate communication with a lawyer and their team is critical during a divorce. Ask about their preferred method of communication. Next, ask about their availability and how frequently you may expect updates on your case. This will keep you informed and involved in the progression of your divorce.

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11. What plan of action can be used to achieve my desired outcome? 

Share your goals and concerns with the lawyer, and ask for their suggestions on achieving the desired result in your divorce. They can give practical guidance on negotiation strategy, settlement options, or possible litigation strategies if necessary. Understanding the available strategies will help align your expectations and make adequate decisions.

 12. Are there any possible challenges or obstacles you see that I should be aware of? 

Ask about any possible challenges or obstacles that may occur during your divorce process. Being aware ahead of time will allow you to prepare and address these concerns.  

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The First Divorce Consultation: Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer

Remember that you don’t have to go through a divorce alone. If you are a South Carolina resident who wants to follow the advice of experienced professionals, our team at Dell Family Law is ready to assist you. We regularly serve clients in Berkeley County, Charleston County, Dorchester County, Beaufort County, Colleton County, Georgetown County, and Horry County.

Taking the first steps to initiate a divorce can be heartbreaking. Partner with a professional team to make this process a bit easier and to ensure a successful divorce. To see if we are a good fit, schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable and caring legal professionals.

Divorce consultations are a great way to acquire information and make informed decisions.

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