Jun 22

Celebrating Megan Dell’s Selection by SuperLawyers As a 2023 Rising Star!

SuperLawyers Rising Star Megan Dell, Charleston SC

We are pleased to announce that the Managing Partner at Dell Family Law PC, Megan Dell, has been selected as a SuperLawyers Rising Star for the year 2023. This recognition is a testament to Megan's dedication, legal knowledge, and commitment to providing

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Oct 04

Why Discovery is Important in Every Divorce to Avoid Getting Burned

Discovery is Important in Every Divorce

When going through a divorce everyone wants an uncontested divorce. However, each marriage is different. Sometimes, there is suspicion that a spouse is having an affair. Or, in some marriages, one spouse may not know anything about the household

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Sep 13

Habitual Drunkenness Can Be a Devastating Reason for Divorce Litigation

Habitual Drunkenness

In South Carolina, habitual drunkenness is one reason to seek a divorce. Habitual drunkenness is one of four fault grounds. The other fault grounds are adultery, physical cruelty, and desertion. S.C. Code Ann. § 20-3-10 also provides a “no fault” ground

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Sep 06

One Reason the Court Easily Awards Joint Custody: The Extraordinary Circumstance of Compromise

joint custody South Carolina

In Family Court cases, many people believe sole custody means one parent has all rights to the child, and the other parent has none.  However, the term “sole custody” relates only to a parent’s authority to make major, life-altering decisions for

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Aug 24

6 Effective Pieces of Evidence to Establish Paternity Quickly

Establish Paternity and Legitimation

For an unmarried father to gain legal rights to his child, he must go through the process of legitimation first. This process is also known as establishing paternity of the child. The Importance of Legitimation If a child is born to unmarried parents,

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