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21 Emotional Divorce Movies to Watch to Calm Feeling Alone

Written by: Megan Dell


Movies can help us escape reality, but they can also help us process and overcome issues in our real lives. Read on for our list of movies about divorce that can reassure you: you are not alone.

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21 Emotional Divorce Movies to Watch to Calm Feeling Alone

Dramatic Movies About Coping with Divorce

“Shoot the Moon” (1982)

George and Faith’s deteriorating marriage, separation, and love affairs devastate their four children.

“The Story of Us” (1999)

After 15 years of marriage, Ben and Katie feel emotionally disconnected and decide to try separating.

“Blue Valentine” (2010)

Dean and Cindy have a tumultuous relationship and grow to despise each other.

“Things to Come” (2016)

In this French-German drama, teacher Nathalie copes with her husband’s decision to leave her, her mother’s death, and her unexpected new freedom.

“Marriage Story” (2019)

Charlie and Nicole’s marriage unravels amidst infidelity and wiretapping, leading to anger-fueled litigation and highlighting the worst parts of the divorce process.

Funny Movies About the Challenges of Divorce

“The Awful Truth” (1937)

This comedy recounts how a distrustful rich couple, Jerry and Lucy, begins divorce proceedings, only to interfere with each other’s romantic pursuits.

“An Unmarried Woman” (1978)

Erica believes she is happily married to Martin, but when he confesses to having an affair, she starts dating again.

“The War of the Roses” (1989)

An outrageous and bitter divorce battle between Oliver and Barbara becomes a cautionary tale.

“Intolerable Cruelty” (2003)

In this romantic comedy centered around prenuptial agreements, Marilyn marries and divorces multiple men only to end up with Miles, the lawyer who represented one of her husbands.

“Everything Must Go” (2010)

Nick’s alcoholism leads to unfortunate consequences, including his wife Catherine seeking a divorce.

Movies with Children In the Middle of A Divorce

“The Parent Trap” (1961 / 1998)

Two teenage girls meet at summer camp, hate each other, and discover they are actually twins born to divorced parents.

“Kramer vs. Kramer” (1979)

Joanna decides to divorce Ted, and a custody battle over their son Billy ensues, which leads to exploration of gender roles, women’s rights, feminism, fathers’ rights, work-life balance, and single parents.

“Mrs. Doubtfire” (1993)

When Miranda decides to divorce Daniel, he pretends to be an elderly nanny to spend more time with his three children.

“Stepmom” (1998)

After the divorce of Jackie and Luke, the whole family – including children Anna and Ben – experience challenges accepting Luke’s new fianceé.

“The Squid and the Whale” (2005)

Bernard and Joan tell their children, Walt and Frank, they are separation, and as the parents’ relationship becomes more combative, the children struggle internally and have very different ways of handling the stress of their parents’ divorce.

Movies About Moving On After Divorce

“Bye Bye Love” (1994)

This story about divorce is presented from the perspective of three divorced men, Dave, Vic, and Donny, touching on their relationships with their children, former wives, girlfriends, and male friends.

“Waiting to Exhale” (1995)

Four female friends support one another and listen to each other vent about life and love, including Savannah and Robin’s relationships with married men, Bernie’s shock upon learning of her husband’s affair, and Glo’s reaction to learning the father of her child is gay.

“The First Wives Club” (1996)

Three college friends reconnect after another dies by suicide, supporting each other as each moves past her divorce.

“Hope Floats” (1998)

After learning her husband and best friend were having an affair, Birdee and her daughter move back to her hometown where she and a high school friend begin a romance.

“It’s Complicated” (2009)

Jane and Jake have been divorced for ten years, but their relationship is rekindled when one of their children graduates from college.

“Gloria Bell” (2019)

Gloria is a middle-aged divorcèe living in Los Angeles who spends her nights at dance clubs, but then finds herself dating Arnold, who has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife and adult daughters.

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