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Megan Dell Presents Continuing Legal Education Seminar at South Carolina Bar

Written by: Dorien Morin-van Dam


On December 1, 2023 Megan Hunt Dell, Managing Law Attorney at Dell Family Law traveled to Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, to present a CLE seminar.

In this noteworthy gathering, the South Carolina chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, alongside the South Carolina Bar CLE Division, successfully hosted their 5th Annual “Advanced Family Law Topics for the Bench and Bar.” 

Esteemed course planner Ben Stevens organized this event, which focused on the evolving landscape of family law. Participants were treated to a comprehensive program that offered advanced practice perspectives, in-depth analyses, and practical strategies aimed at enriching the practice in Family Court. 

This event marked a significant opportunity for legal professionals to engage with trending topics in family law and to gain valuable insights for their future endeavors in this dynamic field.

This advanced-level program included 14 speakers. 

SCBar Continuing Legal Education Topics

South Carolina lawyers had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and expertise across a diverse range of subjects. The event covered an array of critical topics, providing attendees with invaluable insights and practical approaches. These topics included:

  • Locating Hidden Assets
  • Signs of Child Abuse 
  • Witness preparation
  • Drug Testing
  • Adoption Law
  • Reflection on Anxiety and Depression
  • Family Court Orders
  • Changes to Vital Records Regulations 

Each session was designed to equip the attending legal professionals with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate these complex areas with greater confidence and skill.

The full agenda can be accessed here.

What Does Abuse Look Like When There Are No Bruises?

Megan Hunt Dell presented on the topic: “What Does Abuse Look Like When There Are No Bruises?” 

The presentation covered the concept of coercive control as a type of intimate partner violence, how coercive control dynamics are similar to those in kidnapping and other capture crimes, and how to recognize coercive control tactics in Family Court cases.

The materials also detailed how to distinguish between violence that is part of coercive control and that which is considered “situational couple violence.” Attendees learned forensic evaluations are not especially useful for identifying coercive control and how the coercive control dynamic can be shown even after a couple separates.

Megan Hunt Del esq. speaks in front of an live audience at the SCBAR CLE seminar on December 1, 2023

Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer Megan Hunt Dell

Megan Hunt Dell stands out for her knowledge of divorce and child custody law. Her role as a certified guardian ad litem in private custody and adoption cases provides her with a unique perspective on the intricate issues impacting children’s welfare and post-separation family dynamics.

Throughout the divorce process, from the initial stages to the final decree, Megan ensures clients are well-informed and prepared for each step. She believes in the power of negotiation and mediation but remains unflinching in her readiness to litigate when vital rights and interests are at stake. This balanced, yet assertive approach positions Megan Hunt Dell as a formidable advocate in divorce and child custody matters.

If you’re navigating this crucial phase in your personal and family life, Megan’s comprehensive and empathetic approach makes her an ideal choice for representation. 

To embark on your divorce journey, consider reaching out to Megan Hunt Dell for a consultation.

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