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How Forensic Accountants Make Sense of Complex Finances to Secure Fair Settlements

If you’re getting a divorce in South Carolina, you’re probably worried about how your finances will be impacted.  Maybe you no longer trust your spouse at their word, or you believe they’ve engaged in fraudulent behavior. Maybe you simply want


Don’t Panic: Reasons Bankruptcy May Not Derail Your Divorce

[Thanks to Wendi Freeman, who is a bankruptcy attorney with Freeman | Wine, LLC, for helping write 'Don't Panic: Reasons Bankruptcy May Not Derail Your Divorce'] The process of divorce is overwhelming, and when your spouse files for protection in


How Mistakes on Your Financial Declaration in SC Can Make You Look Like a Crooked Liar

[Thanks to Richard T. Livingston, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA and Partner at FORVIS for helping write this article!] Almost all cases in require each party to complete a “financial declaration” in SC as required by Rule 20, SCRFC. The financial declaration