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How Forensic Accountants Make Sense of Complex Finances to Secure Fair Settlements

If you’re getting a divorce in South Carolina, you’re probably worried about how your finances will be impacted.  Maybe you no longer trust your spouse at their word, or you believe they’ve engaged in fraudulent behavior. Maybe you simply want


Getting a Divorce? Protect Your Retirement Assets to Secure Your Future

Retirement assets are among the most valuable assets acquired by couples during their marriage, especially if they have a long-term marriage. If you or your spouse has a 401k, 403b, IRA, TSP, or pension, read on to understand how you can benefit from these


5 Things to Know about QDROs

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders aka QDRO Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, commonly referred to as "QDROs," are one of the least discussed topics in Family Court cases, but they are important. A QDRO is a type of court order that allows the