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7 Steps for a Successful Appeal and How to Quickly Move Your Case

What Defines a Successful Appeal? Appellate practice is an area that most law firms do not wade into because how appellate courts work can be confusing! Appeals feel like a never-ending series of deadlines, and most trial lawyers do not enjoy research and


How Mistakes on Your Financial Declaration Can Make You Look Like a Crooked Liar

[Thanks to Richard T. Livingston, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA and Partner at FORVIS for helping write this article!] Based on Rule 20, SCRFC, almost all cases in South Carolina Family Court require each party to complete a “financial declaration.”   The


How to Easily Change the Name You Hate in South Carolina Family Court

When navigating how to change your name in South Carolina, you may be surprised by how challenging the process can be. Reasons to Want a Change the Name You Have Maybe you have always hated your name and wanted to change it. Or maybe you are ready to resume