Jan 23

Correcting Birth Records to Obtain Your REAL ID in South Carolina

Written by: Megan Dell


Beginning on October 1, 2020, you will need to have a federally-approved form of identification to board a domestic, commercial flight, to enter a secure federal building, or to visit a military base. You can obtain your REAL ID in South Carolina from the Department of Motor Vehicles by providing the following:

  • Two proofs of your current physical address (such as your current drivers license, voters registration card, tax records, utility bills, financial statements, or other documents issued by a government agency);
  • Proof of your Social Security Number (such as your social security card);
  • Proof of your identity and date of birth (such as your birth certificate); and
  • Any legal documents showing changes to your name since you were born (such as your marriage license and/or divorce decree).

For a checklist of the documents needed — and to minimize how much time you stand in line! — visit the SC DMV website.

Real ID in South CarolinaThe Process Is Not Always Easy

The process for getting a REAL ID is tedious, but usually straightforward. However, some SC citizens are finding it more complicated than expected because they don’t have the required documents.

Some examples we have seen include:

  • Some older citizens may have never received certified birth certificates.
  • A novelty birth certificate, issued by a hospital instead of a state agency, may be the only proof of birth someone has.
  • A person’s name on his social security card and his birth certificate may not match.
  • Divorce decrees containing name changes were prepared, but never filed with the correct court.

In these situations, the Family Court can order a delayed birth certificate be issued, correct or amend a birth record, grant a name change, or declare a decree to have been valid. If you are having problems obtaining your REAL ID, contact us for a consultation so we can help.