Apr 16

Why Divorce Preparations are Crucial for Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind

Parent with young child during a scheduled visitation.

If you are at the very beginning of the road to divorce, contemplating separating and then divorcing your spouse, you are at the beginning of an emotional and financial rollercoaster. That is why divorce preparations are crucial to a successful divorce. The

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Mar 21

Parenting and Pot: How CBD, THC, and Delta-8 Influence Child Custody Cases

Allegations of illicit drug use alone including marijuana, Delta-8 and THC metabolites, have been common in South Carolina Family Court for some time. With the development of hemp-derived cannabidiol (also referred to as "CBD"), it has become harder to detect

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Mar 19

Win-Win Solutions: How to Prepare for Family Court Mediation

what is family court mediation

Navigating the complexities of Family Court can be daunting, but understanding how to prepare for family court mediation can greatly alleviate stress. Mediation in Family Court provides an opportunity for settlement discussions facilitated by a neutral

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Mar 07

Discover the 5 Essential Tactics Used by the Best Divorce Lawyers

couple talking to a divorce lawyer

In the whirlwind of legal separation proceedings, the best divorce lawyers rely on meticulous organization and detailed record-keeping to navigate complexities, meet deadlines, and keep clients informed. Yet, amidst the emotional storm, the best divorce

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Jan 31

Are You Stuck Paying Forever: How Long Does Alimony Actually Last in South Carolina?

Can a husband get alimony?

Going through a divorce can be a challenging and confusing time, especially when it comes to financial concepts like alimony. If you're in South Carolina and wondering how long alimony lasts or have other questions about alimony laws, you're not alone. Let's

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