Jun 09

No More Pain: How to File for Divorce on the Basis of Physical Cruelty

Woman ready to file for a divorce based on physical cruelty

Divorce proceedings are always hard, but when physical cruelty is involved, every issue becomes more complicated. Understanding the impact of domestic abuse on your case and how to prove what is considered physical cruelty for divorce, is crucial to ensure

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Jun 05

Summer Visitation: How to Make it Fun and Stress-Free for Everyone

father and son in the pool. Father has summer visitation rights after divorce.

"What is the divorce law for summer visitation?" is a common question asked during consultations. If you have limited experience with visitation schedules, then you may have no idea how custody arrangements for summer are made. Like everything else in

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May 19

The 12 Best Questions to Have At-The-Ready for Your First Divorce Consultation

person going through a divorce at a divorce consultation meeting

The Importance of a Divorce Consultation If you do not receive proper guidance during the divorce process, you may face an undesirable outcome. A divorce consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer who can guide you through the proceedings, will protect

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May 04

How to Best Prepare for Your Divorce with a Divorce Planning Checklist

couple fighting and ready to prepare for divorce

Here's how you know it's time to start your divorce checklist:  You and your spouse are constantly arguing, with one of you sitting on the couch and the other standing, arms crossed. The room is cluttered and messy, with papers and toys strewn about.

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Apr 19

How Legal Separation in South Carolina Isn’t Your Answer to a Quick Divorce!

a unhappy married couple contemplating legal separation

There is no "legal separation" in South Carolina. However, there are still options when spouses live separately but are not yet ready, either emotionally or legally, to seek a divorce. If you are considering separating from your spouse in South Carolina, it

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