Jan 29

Essential and Effective Custody Terms When You’re the Custodial Parent

As a custodial parent, it's important to understand the custody terms that will be included in your child custody agreement. These terms will outline the rights and responsibilities of both you and the non-custodial parent, and will ultimately determine the

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Jan 24

Be Careful Living in a Gray Area: Advice for Dating While Separated

Advice for Dating While Separated and still legally married

Is dating while separated a gray area for you? This article demystifies the complexities with straightforward insights on the emotional and legal aspects you’ll face and offers practical advice for those striking out on new relational paths during

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Jan 19

Five Reasons Annoying and Intrusive Financial Disclosures Are Required

Picture this: a maze filled with confusing pathways, hidden traps, and unexpected twists. This is what the divorce process often feels like, especially when it comes to completing a financial disclosure form for divorce. This seemingly mundane yet essential

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Jan 17

Splitting the House: How to Resolve Property Disputes in Your Divorce Case

We get asked many questions about divorce and home ownership. For many couples, deciding what to do with the house in the divorce will significantly affect the division of other assets and debts included as marital property. Understanding your options for

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Jan 03

3 Ways Staying Calm Can Make the Cost of Divorce More Affordable

calculator used to calculate the cost of divorce

Starting a divorce can be challenging, especially if you're afraid of it. Thoughts about the impending cost of divorce can easily stop you in your tracks. However, filing for divorce may be the best choice for your family. Letting fear and anxiety drive your

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