Jan 03

Q1: Prime Time to File for Divorce?

file for divorce

When is the best time of the year to file for Divorce? A lot of people file for divorce at the beginning of the year. While divorce professionals don’t all agree in the reasons why this happens, here are a few theories. The Holidays Are Over Our

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Dec 16

Basics of Subpoenas

basics of subpoenas

It's important to know the basics of subpoenas in South Carolina divorce cases so you can use them to your advantage. A subpoena has the same power as a court order. Subpoenas can be issued by a South Carolina attorney or, if a party to a divorce case does

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Dec 14

Motion for Temporary Relief

One of the most common hearings in South Carolina Family Court is a hearing on a Motion for Temporary Relief. Many lawyers automatically file these motions at the same time that they file a new case. The hearing on a Motion for Temporary Relief is often

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Dec 09

Why Do Charleston Divorce Lawyers Charge a Consultation Fee?

Why do Charleston divorce lawyers charge a consultation fee?

Most Charleston divorce lawyers charge a consultation fee, and the attorneys of Dell Family Law do too. But you are probably wondering why so many Charleston divorce lawyers are willing to forego meeting with potential clients who would prefer to first meet

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Dec 07

How Can You Reduce The Cost of Your Divorce?

No one enjoys the process of getting divorced and paying a lawyer makes it that much more painful. Many clients want to reduce the cost of their divorce without sacrificing the quality of their representation. Here are eight ways you can save money and

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