Aug 24

3 Theories for Devoted Third-Party Custodians to Use in Court

Third-Party Custodians

Third-party custodians are people, often relatives, who obtain physical custody of someone else’s children. These arrangements are often referred to as “kinship care.” How Do Third-Party Custodians Get Physical Custody A common way for third-party

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Aug 24

6 Effective Pieces of Evidence to Establish Paternity Quickly

Establish Paternity and Legitimation

For an unmarried father to gain legal rights to his child, he must go through the process of legitimation first. This process is also known as establishing paternity of the child. The Importance of Legitimation If a child is born to unmarried parents,

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Aug 08

How to Easily Change the Name You Hate in South Carolina Family Court

When navigating how to legally change your name in South Carolina or wondering "how to get name changed", you may be surprised by how challenging the change process can be. Especially if you often think, "I hate my last name." Reasons to Want a Change

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Jul 28

3 Reasons Military Divorces Are Harder to Resolve

Military Divorces

Military divorces are common in the greater Charleston area because there are four military installations nearby. If you are in the military or married to someone in the military, and considering divorce, then read on to learn how military divorces can be

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Feb 28

Mandatory Mediation in South Carolina Family Court

mandatory mediation in south carolina court

Mandatory mediation is an integral part of resolving various family law matters in South Carolina Family Court. This article provides a detailed overview of mandatory mediation, focusing on its application in child support and divorce cases. We will explore

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