Feb 04

Megan Dell Presenting at the 2015 Guardian ad Litem Training & Update

On February 6, 2015, Megan Dell will present “Case Update & Literature Resources for the GAL” at the 2015 Guardian ad Litem Training & Update CLE planned by the South Carolina Bar Association. The seminar fulfills the statutory annual

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Jan 22

Most Common Discovery Tools in South Carolina Family Court

One of the most tedious parts of a case in South Carolina Family Court is conducting discovery. What is “discovery”? It’s the process through which each side exchanges information about their case. When each side knows what evidence the other has, they

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Nov 14

An Overview of Child Custody in South Carolina

family law in charleston

Most parents are primarily concerned with how the end of their relationship might affect child custody in South Carolina. The first thing to consider is whether a child’s parents are married to each other.  When a child is born outside of marriage, the

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Nov 12

Hiring a Family Lawyer vs. Buying Divorce Papers Online

Family divorce lawyer

Many people are unsure about the prospect of hiring a family lawyer to get divorced.  Some believe they can do it themselves, and others simply aren’t able to pay a lawyer. People going through a separation usually think about divorce in terms of the

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Nov 10

What is Sole Custody in South Carolina?

Charleston Child Support Lawyer

What does Sole Custody mean? As the law changes, there is more and more confusion about this answer. We still have sole custody in South Carolina, and there is no presumption in favor of joint custody. A child’s sole custodian is authorized to make all

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