Jan 19

How Does Uncontested Divorce Work in South Carolina? A Complete Guide

uncontested divorce south carolina

Everyone going through a divorce has the same wish: for their divorce case to be uncontested. Read on to learn how uncontested divorces work in South Carolina. How long does an uncontested divorce take? Often, once someone decides to get divorced, they

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Dec 27

The 5 Divorce Grounds in South Carolina You Need To Know Today

divorce grounds in South Carolina

The 5 Divorce Grounds in South Carolina are Cheating, Physical Abuse, Drunkenness, Abandonment, and Separation An initial question for every divorce case is whether there are grounds for a divorce to be granted. Divorces can be granted on “fault grounds”

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Dec 19

Startling New Appellate Rule: Custody Cases Must Be Decided Promptly!

new appellate rule south carolina

We’ve blogged before about how the appellate process works and the rules of appellate procedure. Recently, there have been some changes in how long appeals related to custody and visitation will take to resolve. Learn more about this new appellate rule in

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Dec 14

7 Steps for a Successful Appeal and How to Quickly Move Your Case

successful appeal in divorce court

What Defines a Successful Appeal? Appellate practice is an area that most law firms do not wade into because how appellate courts work can be confusing! Appeals feel like a never-ending series of deadlines, and most trial lawyers do not enjoy research and

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Dec 12

Accepting the Enormous Amounts of Uncertainty During Every Divorce

uncertainty created by every divorce

No one gets married with a plan to divorce later. People build their lives around being married, and when their marriage ends, often they feel overwhelmed by the changes related to divorce. Whether you are ready to file for divorce right now, or in the

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