Dec 15

Beware of False Allegations in Divorce: How to Overcome Them with Solid Evidence

Striking a balance. Getting accused of making false allegations will not help your divorce case!

False allegations in divorce are all too common. Regardless of the nature of the accusation, people who have been falsely accused all share one common question: How can you effectively defend false accusations during a divorce? Though it can seem like an

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Dec 11

Is Uncontested Divorce the Key to Making A Fresh Start or a Future Nightmare? Find Out Now

spouses returning their wedding rings after signing divorce papers

Many people view an uncontested divorce as the first step on the path toward a fresh start after a marriage has run its course. They imagine an uncontested divorce like a smooth road trip with a friend. An uncontested divorce can seem easy at first, but there

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Dec 06

How Forensic Accountants Make Sense of Complex Finances to Secure Fair Settlements

male forensic accountant at his desk going over paperwork.

If you’re getting a divorce in South Carolina, you’re probably worried about how your finances will be impacted.  Maybe you no longer trust your spouse at their word, or you believe they’ve engaged in fraudulent behavior. Maybe you simply want

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Dec 04

Megan Dell Presents Continuing Legal Education Seminar at South Carolina Bar

Megan Hunt Del esq. speaks in front of an live audience at the SCBAR CLE seminar on December 1, 2023

On December 1, 2023 Megan Hunt Dell, Managing Law Attorney at Dell Family Law traveled to Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, to present a CLE seminar. In this noteworthy gathering, the South Carolina chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial

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Nov 06

From Scary to Secure: Navigating Your Divorce with the Right Legal Help

female lawyer eated at her desk

How To Navigate Your Divorce with the Right Legal Help Divorce is often likened to an emotional storm, where feelings of fear, uncertainty, and vulnerability converge. The path from the decision to divorce through to the final decree is fraught with

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