Dec 04

Megan Dell Presents Continuing Legal Education Seminar at South Carolina Bar

Megan Hunt Del esq. speaks in front of an live audience at the SCBAR CLE seminar on December 1, 2023

On December 1, 2023 Megan Hunt Dell, Managing Law Attorney at Dell Family Law traveled to Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, to present a CLE seminar. In this noteworthy gathering, the South Carolina chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial

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Nov 06

From Scary to Secure: Navigating Your Divorce with the Right Legal Help

female lawyer eated at her desk

How To Navigate Your Divorce with the Right Legal Help Divorce is often likened to an emotional storm, where feelings of fear, uncertainty, and vulnerability converge. The path from the decision to divorce through to the final decree is fraught with

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Sep 25

Getting a Divorce? Protect Your Retirement Assets to Secure Your Future

Financial planning during divorce

Retirement assets are among the most valuable assets acquired by couples during their marriage, especially if they have a long-term marriage. If you or your spouse has a 401k, 403b, IRA, TSP, or pension, read on to understand how you can benefit from these

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Sep 21

Do Stepparents Have Legal Rights in South Carolina?

a happy blended family with a stepparent

Being a stepparent is not always easy! With the ever-changing structures and relationships in “modern” families, many include stepparents and stepchildren. Not surprisingly, if you are a stepparent in South Carolina, you might be interested in learning

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Aug 31

How to Dress for Court to Look Honest and Feel Fearless!

how men should dress for court

Ready for a Court Hearing? Think again! If you are summoned to appear in court for your court date, you most likely have spoken with legal counsel and know what to expect for your upcoming court appearance in front of a judge. But do you? Do you know the

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