Apr 17

How to Know Who the Best Divorce Attorneys Are When You Are Feeling Lost

Pens, and a seal with the word 'Attorney' in gold lettering

Most family law attorneys can adequately advise someone who is facing divorce, but finding the best divorce attorneys can be more challenging. The ending of your marriage might make you feel vulnerable, deceived, or directionless, and that is before you even

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Mar 30

Absolutely Everything to Know About Committing Adultery in South Carolina

Two people in love about to commit adultery in South Carolina

One of the legal grounds for divorce in South Carolina is adultery. Read on to understand what is considered adultery in divorce, how to prove it for your divorce, whether it’s illegal, facts on adultery laws, and the effects it can have on your case in

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Mar 20

How to Really Prepare to Testify in Court and Be Fearless During Every Cross Examination

testify in court

Having to testify in court intimidates everyone! But these tips can help you feel confident about your testimony, even on cross-examination. The Purpose of Witness Testimony In a Family Court case, witness testimony is offered to provide evidence about the

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Mar 06

Best Ways to Easily Predict the Unique Cost of Divorce in South Carolina

cost of divorce in south carolina

Getting divorced is a major decision and a significant investment in your future. Many people go into the process having no idea what the overall cost will be or how those costs are broken down. You deserve to understand the cost of divorce in South

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Feb 28

Beware: 3 Reasons Why Your Use of Social Media Affects Family Law Cases

Your Use of Social Media Affects Family Law Cases

Social media and networking has grown exponentially in the past decade, and often, social media affects family law cases in South Carolina. Most family law issues involve the parties’ character or financial resources in some way.  Social networking

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